Gary started his new show, the #AskGaryVee Show, in July of 2014 after a three year hiatus from Youtube shows. It became a hit from the start.

Every episode reaches hundreds of thousands of people across multiple channels.

With just 20 minutes of his time a few times per week, he creates dozens of pieces of content across many platforms with the help of a team. This model is a powerful model that other content creators can learn from and use.

Here’s how the model works:

Step #1: Solicit Questions On Twitter And Instagram Via The #AskGaryVee Hashtag

Engaging on these platforms with his fans helps him:

  • Build one-on-one relationships with the people he answers questions from.
  • Build his reputation with fans as someone who is responsive.
  • Gives him a funnel for all the people who want his time to ask questions.

Step #2: Answer Them On His #AskGaryVee Show On Youtube

The shows are generally 10-20 minutes long. They started with one camera angle, but they’re up to two. Gary is so good at being spontaneous that they only do one shoot. Having one shoot GREATLY reduces the editing time.

Step #3: Repurpose The Content Across Platforms

Syndication Platforms For The #AskGaryVee Show

#1: Short Video Clips.

Chop up the full episode into 1-2 minute Youtube clips and SoundCloud clips that answer specific questions.

#2: Articles

Ghost writer turns his responses into posts.

#3: Social Media Posts

Turn quotes from the episode into images.

#4: Full Video Episode

Post the video natively on Facebook and as a video podcast.

#5: Live Broadcast

Live broadcast the show via Meerkat.

#6: Audio Podcast

Turn the video into audio podcast.

#7: Everything On

Host all of the content on his website,

#8: Guest Post On Inc.

Guest post videos on his Inc. contributor account.

#9: Book

Gary has alluded to turning the best Q&As into a book.